1. Which of the following is not true of the Fair Labor Standards ActThe act applies to all employers with 15 or more employees working 20 or more weeks a year.State laws may specify higher minimum wages than the FLSA.The FLSA permits a sub minimum training wage equal to 85 percent of the minimum wage.Nonexempt employees are covered and include most hourly workers 2. (C1) Increasing immigrant population is one of the functions of this stage in HR strategy process.Identifying people issuesScanning the external environmentDeveloping the HR strategyIdentifying strategic business issues3. (C1) Researchers in international management have identified a number of factors that can affect HRM in global markets. Which of these factors could determine the other three factorsCultureEducation-human capitalThe political-legal systemThe economic system 4. (C1) Which of the following statements is true regarding international labor management relationsThe United States has the highest unionization rates in the world.In the U.S. the traditional union base in manufacturing companies has been in steady decline as a percentage of total employment over the past several decades.The union wage premium in the United States is substantially smaller than in other advanced industrialized countries.Collective bargaining agreements in the United States tend to be centralized and focus on industry wide or regional issues.

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