1. The Japanese criticism of management practices in the United States illustrates the differences in: uncertainty avoidance. power distance.long-/short-term orientation.masculinity-femininity values2. According to one study of international assignees the most important selection criteria/criterion is flexibility and adaptability. job knowledge and motivation.family situation.relational skills. 3. The audit approach for evaluating the effectiveness of HR practices focuses on determining whetherthe HR program/practice has the intended effect.estimating the financial costs and benefits resulting from an HR practice.reviewing the various outcomes of the HR functional area. determining the dollar value of a program.4. Field generalists within the new generic HR structure have dual reporting relationships to both the head of the line business and the head of HR although the line business tends to take priority.are responsible for the traditional areas of HR such as recruitment selection training and compensation. consist of individuals who ensure that the transactional activities are delivered throughout the organization.act as consultants in the development of state-of-the-art HR systems and processes for use in the organization.

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