For this assignment pretend that you are a journalist for your hometown paper. Research an example of a genetic technology that is being used in health care medical researchforensics agriculture or whatever and write an article for the paper. Just as in the last assignment find a credible source for your information. The technique you discuss should involve the use or manipulation of genetic material (i.e. genes or their protein products). In 1-2 paragraphs tell your readers what is known about the technology. Your description should include the problem addressed by this technology the methods used and the results obtained. Include the source with your assignment (author journal/book/website date). You will be graded on the thoroughness of your explanation as well as the quality of your work such as grammar spelling punctuation etc. Due before or on midnight of Sunday the 9th of April.*must be able to preview answers (at least part of it) first before purchasing*THANKS!!

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