Figure 16.40 illustrates the BOM for product A. The MPS start row in the master production schedule for product A calls for 50 units in week 2 65 units in week 5 and 80 units in week 8. Item C is produced to make A and to meet the forecasted demand for replacement parts. Past replacement part demand has been 20 units per week (add 20 units to Cs gross requirements). The lead times for items F and C are 1 week and for the other items the lead time is 2 weeks. No safety stock is required for items B C D E and F. The L4L lot-sizing rule is used for items B and F; the POQ lot-sizing rule (P = 3) is used for C. Item E has an FOQ of 600 units and D has an FOQ of 250 units. On-hand inventories are 50 units of B 50 units of C 120 units of D 70 units of E and 250 units of F. Item B has a scheduled receipt of 50 units in week 2. Develop a material requirements plan for the next 8 weeks for items B C D E and F.

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