1. Attorneys and paralegals should begin identifying potential claims and defenses during theA. initial interview.B. trial..C. appeal.D. settlement2. An attorney is trying a criminal case but isn t sure what level of burden is required in criminal court. Which one of the following does the attorney have to meet?A. Preponderance of the evidenceB. Beyond a reasonable doubtC. Clear and convincing evidenceD. Innocent until proven guilty3. A claim is filed by the defendant against the plaintiff. Attorney A says that the defendant has filed a counterclaim. Attorney B says the defendant has filed a cross-claim. Which one of the attorneys is correct?A. Attorney A is correct.B. Attorney B is correct.C. Neither attorney is correct.D. Both attorneys are correct.4. Notice of a motion must be given to opposing counsel in all cases except a/anA. motion for temporary orders.B. motion to amend pleadings.C. ex parte motion.D. Notice to opposing counsel is always required.

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