NEED HELP WITH THIS ASSIGNMENT. BUT DUO TO THE FACT THAT I WILL HAVE TO PRESENT A POWER POINT ABOUT IT IN CLASS IN 3 WEEKS SINCE IT IS ASKING ME TO DISCUSS MANAGERIAL ISSUES ASSOCIATED WITH MANAGING AN ORGANIZATIONS IS INFRASTRUCTURE I DO NOT WANT IT TO BE HARD TO EXPLAIN AND NEED IT FAIRLY SIMPLE. WITH THAT SAID IF PAPER I CHOSE IS A GOOD ONE AND I RECEIVE A GOOD GRADE I WILL USE THE SAME PERSON FOR HTE NEXT 3 WEEKS. THANKSMUST USE TEXTBOOK AND COURSE MATERIAL THAT HAS TO BE CITIDED WHEN USED AND MUST HAVE REFRENCES.Writea 700- to 1050-word paper discussing managerial issues associated with managing an organizations IS infrastructure.Issues must be preapproved by facilitator no later than 8/20/14. Please post private message with your choice.Includethe following:Cite3 to 5 sources including the textbook and course materials.Planto present in class; 7 10 ppts. Include speaker notes. Must be present to earn points for the assignment.Formatyour paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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