1. In addition to DNA analysis all of the following are used to try to match crime scene hair with suspect samples excepta. color lehgth and diameterb. presence or absence of a cortexc. distribution shape and color intensity of cortex pigment granulesd. morphological abnormalties and the presence of dye and bleaching agents2. which of the following reflects the best conclusion one can draw from the follow-up of DNA test results of hair samples from the Central Park Jogger Case?a. microscopic comparisons of hair are unreliableb. microscopic hair comparisons are equal in weight to fingerprint evidencec. DNA analysis is supplemental at best with microscopic hair comparisonsd. courts should accept microscopic hair comparisons over DNA evidence3. The best chance to individualize human hair from a crime scene occurs whena. mitochondrial DNA is extractedb. the length of the samples is greater than 2 cmc. follicular tags are retrieved with nuclear DNAd. naturally shed hair in the telogen phase is collected4. The first and most popular step in the examination of standard/reference and crime scene fibers is aa. test for chemical compositiona. test for chemical compositionb. microscopic comparison for color and diameterc. chromatographic seperation of dye constituentsd. microspectrophotometer reading on dye composition

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