The history teacher needs your help grading a true/false test. The students ID and test answers are stored in a file. The first entry in the file contains answers to the test in this form: Tffttffttttfftftftftt Every other entry in the file is the student ID followed by a blank followed by the students responses for example the entry: ABC54301 tftftftt tftftffttft Indicates that the students ID is ABC54301 and the answer to question 1 is true and number 2 is false and so on. The student did not answer question 9 and the test has a total questions of 20 and the class has more then 150 students. Each correct answer is worth 2 points and a wrong point gets 1 point deducted. If the student does not answer a question the answer gets zero points. Write a program that processes the test data. The output should be the students ID followed by the answers followed by the test score followed by the test grade. 90%-100% is an A. 80%-89% is a B. 70%-79% is a C. 60%-69% is a D 0-59% is an F.

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