2 DQs need to be answered today by 3pm EST. On time work no Plagarism 300 word count for each question. Please add all answers under the questions PLEASE!1 Assume your family is going to start a new business. Define what role you might play in that business and describe two examples of potential conflicts you might experience with other family members about managing the enterprise. How would you resolve the conflict and why could this conflict be a common one in family-owned businesses? What kind of legal protection would you want to protect your interests in this business?2- Shark Tank & The Profit These are two television shows that I personally watch every time I see them scheduled. Shark Tank tests entrepreneurs looking for money and The Profit is a guy who invests in failing business turns them around and makes a ton of money. They are all about the numbers .. period. Look these guys up and lets hear what you think in our final week together.

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