a. Draw the hierarchy chart and then plan the logic for a program needed by the sales manager of The Henry Used Car Dealership. The program will determine the profit on any car sold. Input includes the sale price and actual purchase price for a car. The output is the profit which is the sale price minus the purchase price. Use three modules. The main program declares global variables and calls housekeeping detail and end- of- job modules. The housekeeping module prompts for and accepts a sale price. The detail module prompts for and accepts the purchase price computes the profit and displays the result. The end- of- job module displays the message Thanks for using this program. b. Revise the profit- determining program so that it runs continuously for any number of cars. The detail loop executes continuously while the sale price is not 0; in addition to calculating the profit it prompts the user for and gets the next sale price. The end- of- job module executes after 0 is entered for the sale price.

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