1. The benefits of a corporation does not include: a..limited liability b..Continuity of existence c.transferability of ownership d..taxation2. Michael takes Mathews business law book as a practical joke and hides it so that Mathew cannot find it during the week before the exam. Michael may have committed the tort of a. Trespass to personal property b. Conversion c. Intentional infliction of emotional distress d. Placing a person in a false light 3. In a contract for the purchase of real estate the seller and buyer have agreed to set the price in the future by mutual agreement. This contract is a. Not enforceable b. Is an agreement to agree c. In conformity with the statute of frauds d. All of the above4. Britainy uses her new sound recording machine to record the melody of a song written by Tom without Toms permission. This is a. Copyright infringement b. Patent infringement c. trademark infringement d. None of the above

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