1. (TCO 2) The method of calculating return on assets which highlights the importance of sales profit margin and asset turnover is known as: (Points : 3) a. the sales method. b. DuPont analysis. c. the Altman model. d. the Gordon model. 2. Which of the following taxes is regressive? (Points : 5) a. Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) b. excise tax c. property tax d. gift tax 3. All of the following items are generally excluded from income except (Points : 5) a. child support payments. b. interest on corporate bonds. c. interest on state and local government bonds. d. life insurance proceeds paid by reason of death. 4. All of the following items are deductions for (not from) adjusted gross income except (Points : 5) a. moving expenses. b. un reimbursed employee business expenses. c. qualifying contributions to individual retirement accounts. d. one-half of self-employment taxes paid.

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