1. In Freudian theory the _______ is the natural un socialized biological component of the psyche that includes hunger and sexual urges.A. egoB. superego C. meD. id2. The difficulties that John and Mary experience in their marriage represent a personal trouble. Accordingto C. Wright Mills the fact that 250 out of every 1000 marriages end in divorce within the first four years however isA. a latent dysfunction of marriage. B. a public issue.C. meaningless.D. a sign of moral collapse. 3. According to Kingsley Davis a manifest function of prostitution is that it A. increases sexual crimes of violence.B. provides a sexual outlet for men who cant compete in the marriage market.C. keeps many women properly employed and off the streets.D. protects the bargaining position of married women. 4. Each of the following is an advantage of forming a conglomerate EXCEPT: A. tax advantages. B. forming a big company. C. diversification. D. accumulation of power within two or three closely related industries.

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