1. An organization seeking to reduce a projected labor surplus must select from a number of possible options aimed at obtaining that objective. This occurs at what step in the human resource planning processa. Goal setting and strategic planningb. Program evaluationc. Forecastingd. Program implementation2. In personnel forecasting the HR professional tries to:a. predict the number and types of legal challenges the company is likely to face within the year.b. develop HR policies and practices in response to anticipated moves by major competitors.c. determine the supply of and demand for various types of human resources.d. anticipate trends within the HR field which are most likely to impact the success of current company operations.3. Why is hiring new employees for every labor shortage not preferablea. The process is fast and can result in high human suffering.b. It forces older employees to retire though they may not want to retire soon.c. Selecting new employees results in too many discrimination law suits.d. When the shortage becomes a surplus the organization may have to layoff employees.4. What is a phased-retirement programa. Laying off older employees in small batches.b. Giving lucrative incentives to a large number of older employees so that they voluntarily retire.c. Reducing the number of hours the older employees work.d. Giving older employees a certain time limit to voluntarily retire.

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