1. Which was NOT recommended as a guideline for transformational leaders? ask followers to place their trust in the special ability of the leaderexpress confidence that followers will be able to attain the visionremind followers use dramatic symbolic actions to emphasize key values in the visionempower followers to find effective ways to attain the vision2. Which was recommended for leaders when communicating the vision? set a concrete deadline for attaining key aspects of the visionexplain in a general way how the vision can be attainedremind followers about the obstacles so they do not become complacentoffer incentives to followers for their help in attaining the vision3. Which of the following is LEAST likely to be a reason for resistance by employees to a proposal by top management to change the current strategy? a climate of distrust in the organizationthe fear of losing status and powercynicism about the feasibility of the proposed changeresentment of external dependencies4. What type of culture is most likely to facilitate long-term performance by an organization in a turbulent environment? a culture that strongly supports the current competitive strategya culture consistent with the values of the most powerful subunita culture that emphasizes the need for flexibility and continuous learninga culture that creates goal alignmnet among organization members

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