1. An arrival in a queue that reneges is one who:after joining the queue becomes impatient and leaves.refuses to join the queue because it is too long.goes through the queue but never returns.jumps from one queue to another trying to get through as quickly as possible.none of the above.2. With an annual demand of 2400 units daily demand of 10 units and daily production rate of 40 units a company has determined that each production run will be for 200 units. If production starts when the inventory level is at zero how many units would actually be in the warehouse at the end of the first day of production? (Round answer to nearest unit)12203040none of the above3. The most appropriate cost to be considered in making a waiting line decision is the:expected service costexpected waiting costtotal expected costexpected balking costexpected reneging cost4. CPM:assumes we do not know ahead of time what activities must be completed.is opposite to that of PERT as it does not consider the network activities.is a network technique that allows three time estimates for each activity in a projectis a deterministic network technique that allows for project crashing.none of the above.

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