1. According to your reading the Model Penal Code promotes:a. abolition of degrees of murder in favor of a series of mitigating circumstances to be employed as factors in assessing punishmentb. a single sentence for murder no matter what the degree onal degrees of murderc. abolishing the murder charge entirely in favor of additional degrees of manslaughterd. abolition of the manslaughter charge in favor of additional degrees of murder2. Conspiracy requires which of the following elements?a. actus reus and mens reab. mens reac. mens rea and completion of the actd. actus reus3. Degrees of Robbery usually depend ona. value of propertyb. the amount of force usedc. the amount of force threatenedd. a and ce. b and c4. Generally speaking an attempt is which of the following?a. the unintentional engagement in conduct that if continued would constitute a crimeb. a substantial but unsuccessful effort to commit a crimec. the preparation toward commission of a crimed. none of the above

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