1. Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka was a Supreme Court decision that(A) was a forerunner of the Kansas-Nebraska Act(B) established free public colleges in the United States(C) declared racially segregated public schools inherently unequal(D) established free public elementary and secondary schools in the United States(E) provided for federal support of parochial schools2. Joseph McCarthy s investigative tactics found support among many Americans because(A) evidence substantiated his charges against the army(B) there was widespread fear of communist infiltration of the United States(C) both Truman and Eisenhower supported him(D) he worked closely with the FBI(E) he correctly identified numerous communists working in the State Department3. Which of the following best describes the National Defense Education Act of 1958(A) The authorization of martial arts classes for public schools(B) An outpouring of self-defense class funding to counter a potential Soviet invasion(C) The beginning of federal funding for public schools(D) A response to Sputnik and the perceived technology gap between the US and USSR(E) The establishment of the back-to-basics movement for public schools4. The Truman Doctrine did which of the following(A) Prohibited United States intervention in the Caribbean.(B) Warned against European seizure of the Panama Canal.(C) Sought to end the wave of nationalization of American-owned property in Latin America.(D) Declared the United States to be the policeman for democracy worldwide.(E) Provided United States military support for democratically elected socialists in Latin America and Asia.

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