1. Which Supreme Court decision was the basis for establishing legal racial discrimination in the South after 1896 the one that was overturned in 1954?(A) Marbury v. Madison(B) Griswold v. Connecticut(C) Plessy v. Ferguson(D) Standard Oil v. United States(E) Brown v. Board of Education2. Suburban growth in the US accelerated between 1945 and 1980 for all of the following reasons EXCEPT(A) mass immigration from Southern and Eastern Europe(B) much higher birth rates than in previous periods in US history(C) the movement of industries outside of city centers(D) the use of prefabricated materials to construct housing on relatively cheaper land(E) the use of low-interest government-backed loans to make it easier to buy a home3. Which was NOT an effect of the American Housing Act of 1949?(A) The successful integration of Blacks into middle class White communities(B) The opening up of the suburbs to the American working-class and lower middle class(C) The availability of cheap land for real estate companies and industrial concerns(D) The policy of building high-rise public housing in densely populated urban areas(E) The emergence of the suburbs as the cultural center of the American nuclear family4. One of the principal reasons for the failure of McCarthyism was(A) the return of the Socialist Party as a prominent political force(B) the inability of Hollywood to make movies about Communism(C) the refusal of White progressives to support McCarthy in 1954(D) the failure of teachers in the South to sign loyalty oaths(E) the waning of support for unsubstantiated accusations from both political parties

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