1. How many of the following items decrease cash flow in the statement of cash flows Increase in accounts receivableIncrease in notes payableDepreciation expenseIncrease in investmentDecrease in account payableDecrease in prepaid expensesDividend paymentIncrease in accrued expensesa. 2 of these items decrease cash flowb. 3 pf these items decrease cash flowc. 4 of these items decrease cash flowd. 5 of these items decrease cash flow2. Given the following what is the free cash flow?Cash flow from operating activities $175000Capital expenditure 35000Dividends 25000a. $115000b. $235000c. $185000d. $1650003. Farah Snack Co. has earning after taxes of $128750 interest expense for the year was $20000 preferred dividends paid were $18750 and common dividends paid were $30000. Taxes were $15000. The firm has $10000 shares of common stock outstanding. Earning per share on the common stock was.a. $0.90b. $1.10c. $0.75d. 0.804. The Bubba Corp. had net income before taxes of $200000 and sales of 2000000. If it is in the 15% tax bracket its after-tax profit margin is:a. 5%b. 12%c. 20%d. 25%

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