1. Ethical behavior at work is learned by:A. Attending corporate responsibility seminars.B. Tracking the failures of those who are caught in business scandals.C. Reading about why others were fired from the job.D. Observing the actions of others.2. Which of the following is a reason why a business should be managed ethicallyA. It is the right thing to do.B. Strict global regulations require it.C. It is the law in the U.S.D. Employees demand it.3. Relationships between businesses and among nationsA. should be based on international law exclusively.B. should be based on fairness honesty openness and moral integrity.C. should be scrutinized carefully to make some determination as to whether both sides have the same type of leader behavior when it comes to assigning work.D. will be adversarial because seldom does either side believe in win-win situations.4. When managers disregard ethical concerns the likely result is:A. a reduction in employee turnover.B. an improvement in overall manager morale.C. a reduction in lawsuits.D. a general mistrust between workers and management.

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