1.The cases of Carl Vogel former CEO of Charter Communication is an example of: a. the role culture in CEOs behavior and decisions.b. the impact of a powerful board of directors.c. the negative effect of a poor economy on CEO performance.d. the negative impact of arrogance on CEOs2.As a general rule the power and discretion of the CEO increase when:a. the TMT members are similar to the leader.b. the CEO has considerable international experience.c. the company goes publicd. a board of directors is put in place to help the CEO3.The XYZ organization is headed by the 60 year old Roger Smith who has been with the company for 25 years and CEO for the past 5 years. XYZ has performed well under his leadership. Based on research about upper echelon leaders which of the following is most likely to happen?a. Roger will continue performing well by changing course as the need for change arises.b. Roger s performance is likely to go down since most CEOs are not effective beyond 5 years.c. Roger is likely to engage in international venture because most people in his generation have international experience.d. Roger is likely to lead XYZ the same way he has been for the past 5 years without making major changes.*4.Leaders with typically emphasis research and development and tend to be more innovative than leaders with a. high Machiavellianism; low Machiavellianismb. an internal locus of control; an external locus of controlc. high self-monitoring; low self-monitoringd. a type B personality; a type A personality

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