Please respond to this message with your country of expertise (CE)You will be using your CE often during this semester. Introduce your CE to the class by giving few paragraphs about your CE using the guidelines below. Your country of expertisecannot be the USATaiwan nor Brazil. The CEdiscussion and the CE assignmentare interrelated. Here are the sections that you should address in your CE discussion:1.3 Introduction and background of your CE2.0 Global Marketing Environment Analysis (PEST analysis)2.1 CE Politics rules and regulations2.2 CE economy2.3 CE people society and culture2.4 CE Technology3.0 CE SWOT Analyses:3.1 Strengths of your CE (3 strengths in order of importance)3.2 Weaknesses of your CE (3 weaknesses in order of importance)3.3 Opportunities in your CE (3 opportunities in order of importance)3.4 Threats in your CE (3 threats in order of importance)4.0 Major multi-national Companies (MNCs) operating in your CE and the US.4.1 Discuss the three major American MNCs operating in your CE.4.2 Discuss the three major MNCs from your CE operating in the USA.4.3 Discuss the major three MNCs operating in your CE (Other than the three in 4.1)

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