Assignment:You will complete an x-bar and R chart similar to the example shown in Chapter 6 figure 6.8 from our textbook Statistical Process Control and quality Improvement starting from the provided Excel template. Two versions of the assignment template are provided; 1A is for the newer version of Excel: .xlsx 1B is compatible for older versions of Excel: .xls. You will enter the numerical data from the section below and calculate all of the averages and ranges then plot these numbers and add the connecting lines in the appropriate chart sections. You will also calculate and plot the UCLX LCLX UCLR and LCLR. The control limit formulas are on page 203 of the textbook. Be sure to include your upper and lower control limit calculations below the chart.Numerical Data:12345678910111213149339118898829038908929088959169019089098958978989159139309409129209208908928959049028859009059308908958958969228918928969069029009059029008909098968949289208959258729328798628738719009159029069269158989339279321516171819202122232425893909885897912882896912926917884906907892904896894912909903917889917904942916932941907913908918912910923911912936934928915910914919925888916920913917926928885925898Formatting:Text Size: All of the text in this assignment has been preset to the individual cells.Margins: The margins have been preset in this assignment. If you file doesn t display correctly you will need to change the page setup. The top bottom and right side are set for (0.25) margins. The left margin is set to (0.5 ). The view is set to normal; the page is set to US Legal landscape and fit to page.Name Block: Place the name block in the upper left corner of the page in cells A1 through A3. Put your name first then the class title and then the due date as per the example:Your NameTECH 458 Quality AssuranceMay 6 2013

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