I attached Feasibility plan guideline with some questions that need to answers. All I need you to do part 9 and 10 (Growth Plan and Contingency Plan)I also attached the busniess market and mission. So you have idea about what is our busniess. One or two pages to answer the quiestions with some resources.9. Growth Plan. Describe how your business will change over time (e.g. increased demand new products new markets).A. What new products services locations and/or markets will you pursue in the future?B. What additional personnel and funds will be required for this expansion?C. How will you pay for this growth?D. What are the markets of the future?10. Contingency Plan. Describe potential problems and risks and explain how you will deal with them.A. What will you do if your sales projections are too low or manufacturing costs too high?B. What if competition reduces your market share?C. What are the liability issues that could affect the business?D. What if your start-up plans are delayed?

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