Assignment 1: Discussion General ElectricSustained profits come from building a competitive advantage. This advantage can be accomplished not only through good financial return on a specific process but also through the correct capacity decisions that must be integrated into the organization s mission and strategy.Jack Welch former CEO of General Electric (GE) understood this better than anyone else. Although GE was a profitable and respected company when Welch took over its financial results during the1970s were troubling to both its investors and senior management. Welch immediately made changes to the company s structure and management practices. From the beginning he stressed the importance of being one of the top players in the industry. He told his colleagues that GE should always be number one or number two in all its businesses; if it was not then their only options would be to fix sell or shut down.Because of this strategic direction GE today usually dominates the markets in which it participates; and if it does not then it divests. A major part of GE s strategy is to be the first or second in every market. As you review the module readings for this week consider the complexity of GE s products and its emphasis on vertical integration and capacity planning.Using the module readings University online library resources and the Internet respond to the following:Write your initial response in 2 pages . Apply APA standards to citation of sources.Assignment 2: LASA 1 IKEA Analysis ReportWhat is values-based service? How can a company create value for customers and other stakeholders?Values-based service is defined as service that is firmly based on the core company values as well as social and environmental responsibility. When the core company values and the social and environmental values are in accordance with the values of customers and other stakeholders resonance (rather than dissonance) occurs. To be successful a values-based service business must seek resonance with its customers and other stakeholders in terms of values and avoid any suggestion of dissonance. Companies such as IKEA nurture and communicate values in their customer relationships.Read the article Values-Based Service Brands: Narratives from IKEA by Edvardsson from the readings for this module. Using IKEA as the company in point conduct research using the University online library and the Internet to better understand the IKEA environment.Based on your research write a report addressing the following points:

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