Management seminar the name of the class.Nordstrom provides a vivid example of a firm which emphasizes hiring individuals with strong personal drive to succeed and yet also hiring and incenting employees to work effectively in teams. At this point in your career at LIU you ve all worked on projects in teams and likely observed and obtained varied results in terms of the quality of your team s processes and outcomes. This variability may have been caused by variation in individual members abilities motivation to contribute and/or your team s ability to coordinate tasks and manage conflict.Imagine you were able to establish how teamwork would be structured in all College of Management courses going forward so as to achieve the vision of graduatingonlythose students who are intellectually rigorous highly trained in all the material/coursework reflected on their transcript and capable of working effectively in teams. How should Admissions at Post select students to enter our population to achieve these goals? Would there be key values personality traits experiences you would suggest that the Admissions function focus upon in making student selections? How should faculty assign students to teams within their courses? Now imagine your personal responsibility for creating a culture of excellence on your team. What rules or procedures for team social and/or task interaction would you create (if any)? Would you define roles (e.g. leader other)? Why or why notWhat role would you like to see faculty play in overseeing/managing the team s work? What process should be used in assigning each team member s grade? How would you link the culture of your team to an overall culture that seeks to set high standards for College of Management students teamwork skills and achievement? (That is think about how the microcosm you create within your team could be scaled up or incorporated into the larger College of Management objective.)Be thoughtful and creative. This assignment presents you with the same challenge that real world managers encounter all the time in designing team projects/team structures. As such it is important to review your own recommendations citing potential disadvantages as well as advantages of what you ve proposed and presenting ways to address the downsides so as to minimize their effects.Formatting Instructions: Maximum of 3 pages typewritten as a WORD document.[Blackboard is set up with an ASSIGNMENT link for uploading your paper using the Blackboard site. Go to the folder Course Materials to find the Assignment link. Name your file using the following format: LastnameFirstname_R1.doc. Example: SmithJane_R1.doc]
Font of your choice 1.5 to double spaced

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