There are 4 sections in this unit and each section requires questions to be answered in 1-2 pages (at most). I am willing to pay $35 for all 4 sections. I had this posted previously but the person who was supposed to do this did not complete the assignment and has not responded to messages. I have to have this done today by 11:00pm Central Time.I have included the sections notes.Thank you in advance.
LESSON 5 Regulation of Health Care LEARNING OUTCOMES ______________________________________________________________________________ In this lesson you will do the following: Apply the protocols for medical privacy and confidentiality in federal law and demonstrate how the laws are implemented by providers. READINGS The following reading assignments are for Lessons 5 through 8: Gartee Text: Chapter 3 pp. 42 -73 Chapter 8 pp. 182 -205 HIPPA: www.cms.gov ACTIVITIES /ASSESSMENTS The following activities/assessments are for Lessons 5 through 8: 1. Read the assigned pages from the Gartee text. 2. Review the Lecture Notes and Unit 2 PowerPoint. 3. Participate in the weekly discussion question. 4. Complete the written assignment.
WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS Create a model privacy policy for a small Critical Access Hospital (CAH) that describes how information is protected when it will be released and how the practice will protect the information from unauthorized access. Review the information on the CMS website for HIPPA and use the information for research on this subject. Feel free to access other information on the Internet. Footnote your direct quotes or other use of the information using APA format. PLEASE NOTE: All graded assignments for the lessons in this unit should be grouped together and submitted as ONE document using the Assignment Submission form accessed from your course homepage or http://www.sjcme.edu/gps/assignments.

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