This is a PROOF OF CONCEPT; it is like a mini-first draft.  In an appx 2 minute media segment and augmented by a “prep” talk and “after” talk, you and your group will communicate your “question” to a public audience, explaining with enough detail so that they understand why it is such a great question and why it matters.

Objective:  In the form of a draft, communicate an anthropological approach to a broader public debate or problem in the form of an empirically and holistically based “question”.
Outcome: A jump on the “construction” of your project, as well as constructive critique that will allow you to both help another project and learn from other learners to enhance your own.

Your “proof of concept” mini-first draft can be shorter in terms of content, but you will need to make important decisions about how you want to present your question digitally or textually.  There are a lot of options, including but NOT limited to a RSA style drawing, a movie of graphics, a narrated slideshow, etc.

Must include elements of your story, character, empiricism, holism, etc.  It’s probably best to focus on a “case study” or another concrete element from the project as a whole.
media clips presented can last appx. 2 minutes
Communicates ideas using at least one sense other than your primary format (audio, video, still image, text, touch, smell, etc)

What did you think worked best here
What specific elements could use improvement, and what are your specific ideas?
Are anthropological concepts (holism, empiricism, comparativism, power & relativity, biocultural change) represented here?  How would you strengthen the “anthropology” here?

The success of the “proof of concept” will be assessed on its:
clarity in communicating your question
degree to which the importance of your question is compellingly communicated
evidence of creativity in conveying your ideas
Your written critique will be based on:

Helpful critique & commentary


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