Hey, this is a really important final worth 50% of my grade. i don’t usually do this im sorry but im very stressed from my other finals.
I was assigned 5 questions, PICK 2 (whichever ones you find easier to write about) Use size 12 and font times new roman. Please let me know which questions you choose:

  1.  Christianity is a paradoxical religion. Do you agree with this assertion? Discuss how God is a mystery. List and discuss all the other attributes and dimensions of God in Christianity.
  2. In Judaism, God is Power. Do you agree with this assertion? Give concrete examples.
  3. List and discuss the five pillars of Islam. How does the Hajj affirm the other pillars of Islam? Discuss how the pillars of Islam accentuate orthodoxy and orthopraxis in Islam.
  4.  Discuss the salient issues in Pre-Islamic Arabia. How did Prophet Muhammad transform and change these conditions? What do you think about the transition from polytheism to monotheism?
5.  Discuss the images of Jesus Christ according to the Gospel of Mark. What do you think about these images? Examine how they help you to understand the meaning of Christology.
Thank you so much in advance!


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