here is a reason that the first and most important management function is planning.


Small businesses that take the time to plan are more successful and have a higher success rate.
There are many places that a prospective business owner or an established business owner can go for help with this function.
Many new and established businesses do not take the time to research and plan and/or do not know where to seek help and, as a result, fail.
ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS in paragraph form as an APA-styled paper:

Discuss what an entrepreneur might do in order to increase the success rate of his or her small business.  Approach this from both the perspective of new and established business owners who would be seeking and using this help.  Be specific.
Describe the role of the business plan.  What ought to be included in a business plan?
Research which specific organizations are available to help small businesses in our area.
All written assignments should follow APA guidelines.  Assignments not in APA format will not be accepted and will be scored a zero.  Click here for APA resources. Abstracts are not required but be sure to include a title page, references, in text citations, page numbering, double spacing, etc.

Part of the grading rubric is the quality of your writing so please proofread carefully and pay close attention to proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.  It is STRONGLY recommended that you review the Top Ten Grammar Mistakes prior to submitting the assignment.

Please note:

DO NOT use first person pronouns in APA writing.  Also avoid generic pronouns like you, your and their.  Review proper pronoun usage which requires that the pronoun must agree in number and gender with its antecedent, which should always be easily identifiable in the writing.
Make sure all sentences have subjects and verbs and that there are no run on sentences.  Review the proper use of semicolons and commas.
Be sure your submission includes in text citations in proper APA format.  Any outside resources used must be appropriately cited in APA format and included on your reference list.
It is encouraged to utilize Grammarly.com and/or the Writing Centers available on each FSW campus.
There is no minimum word count required, but it is expected that you answer the questions in a comprehensive manner and sufficiently explain yourself. 
Refer to the grading rubric for guidance as to how your submission will be graded.