You will write a research paper on Safe Physical Environment.  For this you will look at the safety of the school grounds, security, playground safety, school transportation safety, classroom safety, etc.  This paper will help you to pull together several of the topics that we have covered as well as new topics.  A good place to do some digging is www.kycss.org
The details of the paper follow:
    2 page minimum 3 page maximum
    12 point font
    Times new roman font
    1 margins (on all sides)
    Must include a cover page AND a reference page (NOT counted as part of the 2 pages)
o    You are not to have any content at the top of your first page of your paper (no name, course, etc.) all of this belongs on the cover page.
    Reference page must be APA format
Content should reflect the following:
    Define issue/problem
    Define the scope of the issue/problem (using statistics)
    Provide details of one program/policy that has been created to address the issue/problem in schools.
o    Cite at least 2 peer-reviewed articles (use the universities online catalog to find these articles) related to the problem or issue (use appropriate APA in text citations) Even though you will find these articles via the internet they are not classified as online sources due to the fact that they are replicas of print media.
o    Cite at least 1other online, but keep in mind these must be credible or you will not receive credit for them. (use appropriate APA in text citations)
o    All sources used must be cited in text


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