Part I: Micro-blogs

What value does micro-blogging have for an organization? How can an organization or business use micro-blogging effectively? What concerns might a business have in terms of how micro-blogging is used by employees and customers?
You each created a Twitter profile for this class. In addition to following each other, you should follow opinion leaders or “influencers” in your topic area. Discuss your strategy for using Twitter to build community around your course topic throughout the semester.  What have you learned from your experience using Twitter so far?

Part II: Groundswell (I will upload the end of chapter 2)

What is the Groundswell Technology Test (see end of Chapter 2)? What are the benefits of applying this test to new media technologies (apps, SNSs, etc.)?

Instructions:  Post your initial responses to this week’s discussion questions no later than Thursday at midnight (EST). Your responses should demonstrate that you are applying the material from the notes and the readings. Your posts should be between 250-300  words. For full credit, you must demonstrate evidence of knowledge and comprehension from the readings. In this course, it is required that you use APA citation style for in-text citations and any references.


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