Each student will select an agency to analyze, drawn from her/his field placement experience.  The student will write a 6 – page (maximum, plus reference list) double-spaced paper (in Times New Roman 12), in APA style.  The paper will constitute a focused and critical analysis and evaluation of the agency, with reference to values, equity, justice, empirical foundations, goals, and outcomes.  In order to respond to the following questions, you will need a good understanding of the agency detailed by information from interviews, governing documents, budgets, job descriptions, program evaluations, etc.  In addition, you will need to conduct appropriate library research in order to assess the ability of the agencys interventions to meet the agencys objectives.  In order to complete this latter task, you should analyze outcome studies (tests of effectiveness) relevant to the agencys interventions and assess the agencys performance in carrying out those interventions to achieve successful outcomes.

What agency are you analyzing? What is the purpose/mission of the agency?  Can this claim be sustained by its actual operation?  How did you discover the answer?

If different from #1 above, characterize the actual role of the agency and present evidence to support your conclusion.

What interventions does the agency employ? Why?  What are the levels and types of these interventions?  Are the interventions appropriate to its clients problems?

Is there empirical evidence for the effectiveness of the interventions employed? Cite and examine the nature and adequacy of such evidence.  Are the interventions effective?  How do we know?  Do the recipients get what they want or need?

How and on what basis were the agencys interventions seemingly chosen? What constraints on these choices are posed by the agency, the workers, the recipients, and/or the state of knowledge?

Examine the agencys organizational structure and leadership, and analyze the degree to which they impede or enable the agency to achieve its goals and benefit its clients.

Examine the extent to which the agencys clients do or do not have a voice in determining the agencys policies, programs, and operations, and in determining the services they will receive. Are the clients coerced, or do they have freedom of choice, and do they have the freedom to walk away?

Is the agency effective in meeting its explicit program goals? How did you measure its effectiveness?  Can the agencys interventions be effective?  How do you know?  What impedes its effectiveness?  How do you know?  How can it become more effective?

Develop an administrative plan to improve the performance of the agency.

********I need to write about the agency called Nevada Minority Health and Equity Coalition*********


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