Babies is an absorbing look at a year in the lives of four babies born in different cultures: the bustling city of Tokyo; rural Mongolia; the desert region of Namibia; and San Francisco. Director Thomas Balmes recorded their lives over a period of 400 days and edited his footage to reveal the inter-connectedness of human experience. For 79 minutes, babies do what babies do: they get born; fed, bathed; cry; play; learn to sit, crawl, and walk; and begin to explore their worlds.

Please discuss briefly what you thought about the 4 babies portrayed in the film and what similarities were displayed and how they were different and the effect that culture played with all 4 babies.

600 words minimum.

Include items like: healthcare, recreation, family, community, education, hygiene, socialization, etc.  Be creative as you like but provide specific examples of some of these regarding similarities and differences.


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