***You will be reviewing chapter 2 of the health gap. I have attached a PDF file.***

This is not just a summary of the article or chapter, but a critical review of the reading. A good critical review will have a summary component (about 1/3rd of a page) that draws out the main thesis of the article or chapter, the evaluation of the article for strengths and weaknesses (About 1/3rd of a page), general impression or recommendations of the article, and two key questions raised. The review should take the length of a page. A critical review does not mean providing only a negative critique of the book chapter or article. It requires a reflection and the ability to develop an appropriate evaluation based on what others have written, understanding of current global health issues, and whether you agree with the author or not. Make sure to use at least one external source.  The article below provides an excellent guide:


in 11-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, double-spaced


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