What is your favorite work of fiction, and how is the social contract expressed therein? state the social contract in a sentence that relates the individual to the group.. What does this work of fiction seem to want you to learn or remember (through laughter, horror, tears, or introspection) about the human condition via this social contract?

You MUST USE evidence from John Locke and/or Thomas Hobbes, to support your ideas about the social contract in the work of fiction. Their ideas may or may not dovetail with the social contract as expressed in the fiction you’re covering. You can use them as a comparison, contrast, or both. You MUST CITE their works where you refer to them.

The focus here should be explaining your favorite work of fiction in the context of the social contract. You don’t have to convince your audience that this is the best work of art of all time, just that it holds specific ideas about how individuals do or should interact in a given group.


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