it’s going to be an application for my honor thesis, my topic is “Through Alice in borderland: difference between western and oriental thriller”, it is going to be a research based thesis with a supplement video if applicable. the reason i chose it its because i am asian and am studying western films, so i wish to learn the difference between the two both culturally and aesthetically. and for the extension of my current course work just say something like learning about alfred hitchcock I am more interested in suspense and thriller films, also learning about american tv and film history made me more interested in research into asian medias and how those two relates with each other, how does western culture effect asian media and vice versa. and for the A preliminary bibliography and/or filmography for the project, do some research and list around 5-6 sources includes both papers and films/tv shows. (i’ll write question 4,5,6 so don’t worry about those.)


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