Choose ONE of the following titles as your term paper assignment. Your paper should be long enough to adequately answer the question posed but no longer than 5,000 words. (18 pages typed in space and a half). Aim to complete your paper in around 3,000 words. A paper less than 2,000 words will automatically receive an F grade regardless of the merits of the content (see University Policy on Upper Division GE Writing requirement). The paper must be submitted in TYPESCRIPT (not hand written) form. ALL sheets must be stapled together and each sheet should be numbered and have your full name and mailing address. Please keep a copy of your paper in case of loss of the original. All papers should have the enclosed Grading Sheet attached to the front (additional copies are available from the class website on Blackboard). Please note that the Grade Sheet is a ONE page document and should be submitted as such. No more than 20% of referenced resources should be from the non-peer reviewed internet sources (see Frequently Asked Questions in the Assignments folder).

Question 7.What are the major requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act? What amendments have been made to the act since it was passed in 1974? Specifically, critically discuss the Acts impact on public health and the environment and the cost of implementation.


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