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Research Portfolio REL 2300
This Research Portfolio consists of ten pages that will specifically demonstrate scholarship and interaction of the material in this class. 
All analysis is based on scholarship–one’s personal preferences toward the assignment may be discussed, but they are secondary to an analysis of the subject.
The following is an outline of the Portfolio:
*Title Page
Research Portfolio
Your name
Course number, time, semester, year
*Table of Contents (list the category, then list your specific choice)
*Pages 1-10 CONTENT
*Works Cited (Please note your library sources)
*Annotated Bibliography
Portfolio #1
Page One: Basic summary of an Eastern Religion
Use a specific denomination. Example: Theravada Buddhism
Page Two: Biographical analysis of a religious figure
Example: Pope Francis, Mahatma Ghandi, Malala Yousafzai
Page Three: Analysis of a book
Page Four: Analysis of a movie
Page Five: Analysis of music
Page Six: Analysis of a sacramental or devotional religious practice
Example: Bar Mitzvah, communion, prayer, meditation.
Page Seven: Basic summary of a Western Religion
Use a specific denomination. Example: Methodist Christianity
Page Eight: Analysis of one interesting aspect of a religion
Example: Sacramental practice in Vedic Hinduism, Kosher practice in Judaism
Page Nine: Analysis of a current religious issue in contemporary context
Example: Christianity and marriage, Buddhism and violence in Tibet
Page Ten: Analysis of a documentary on religion or spirituality

Analysis: For each of the pages, use analysis methods derived from the classwork and the textbook. Examples include: marginalized, ethnographic, historical, linguistic, theological, text/subtext/context, iconography, symbolism, structural/post-structural/deconstruction, social, psychoanalysis, style, idealogical/world-view, hermeneutic, archetype, etc.,
Try to keep the topics manageable and relevant. Religion is not developed or practiced in a vacuum. It influences and is influenced by almost everything else found in culturefood, sexual practice and taboos, rites of passage (birth, marriage, death), entertainment (music, movies, art, literature, sports), healing arts, and understandings of the natural world. Be specific. Some broad examples: Christian expression in NASCAR; the reflection of Shinto in a piece of Japanese anime (choose one movie/book/game); Buddhism and the martial arts (choose one); Jewish history and belief in regard to tattoo body art; the Christian voice in the debate on gay marriage in the United States.
Sample ideas: Artwork, Concerts, Religious Services/Ceremonies/Events/Functions, Classes, Primary Religious Texts, contemporary books

-Use thesis statements
-Short introductions and conclusions
-Use proper grammar
-Use one inch margins and 12pt Times New Roman font, double spaced.
-Make sure to demonstrate your understanding of the content. Say what needs/deserves to be said rather than what could be said.
-Draw connections to course material: What concepts or ideas from this course can you apply to the ideas and topics you have chosen?
-Keep the topics specific, manageable and relevant. .
Do not:
-List information or use bullet points
-Use emojis ?
-Give overly personal interpretations
-Use headings or subtitles (Instead, include all information in the text of your paper)
-Use long and general introductions and conclusions
-Primarily rehash classroom lecturesshow initiative and research into the theme
-Use different fonts
-Use 1st or 2nd person
-Use large quotations that fill the page


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