School Process Data refers to those elements of a school that can be completely controlled by the school leadership and staff. Because public schools cannot control who the students are, where they come from, or why they think the way they do when they come to the school, the leadership and staff must be willing to adapt the processes and programs they use to serve these students.

For Section Four of the Data Profile, you will have an opportunity to make recommendations for your school in the area of Process and Programs. You are getting very close now to formulating your presentation and recommendations for improvement to the Leadership Team at your school!

Section Four of the Data Profile: Process Data is made up of 3 components.

These Components are:

2)School Process Data Inventory
3)Analysis of School Process Data

Instructions to complete this assignment:

1) Open the link to Data Profile Section Four: Process Data download (The template is attached)
2) Follow the prompts for each component of this section.
3) Complete the School Process Data Inventory based on what is in place currently at your school of assignment. (The School Process Data Inventory is attached)
4) Analyze the information in your  School Process Data Inventory (See How to Analyze School Process Data, Bernhardt, 2018. pps. 81-83) as they align with the data you gathered for Section One-Demographics, Section Two- Perceptions, and Section Three-Student Learning.
5) Use the sample Data analysis Project: Data Profile. This section starts on pages 29 to 34 on the attached sample.


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